Let me start out by saying that my children are vaccinated. When they were born, it wasn’t a question for me. Vaccines save lives. They prevent humans from contracting dangerous conditions which are sometimes fatal.

My friend and pediatric infectious disease doctor, Saul Hymes, would agree with me on this. 
In fact, he feels so strongly about children getting vaccinated, that he wrote an article about his thoughts on the anti-vaccine movement as well as what can happen when parents refuse vaccines for their children in a publication called The Magazine. The article is called: Give it Your Best Shot 
The Magazine is an iOS based magazine founded by Marco Arment, creator and developer of Instapaper and lead developer of Tumblr. 
The anti-vaccine movement has been an axe to grind for Saul ever since he was in medical school. The fact that it seemed to him to coincide with the Bush administration and a trend of anti-intellectualism didn’t help much. 
As Saul learned about the anti-vaccine movement, there were celebrity activists who were vocal in their stance against vaccines including centerfold and model Jenny McCarthy, who he calls out in his article for being ill informed with regard to the potential “dangers” of vaccines.
Saul’s article is a in depth look into the history of vaccinations and attempts to debunk some common anti-vaccines theories out there.