One very exciting day, my best friend Mint told me about Diamond Candles. They’re magical candles with a ring hidden inside them. Since learning about their powers, I ordered the Vanilla Cream scent and quickly became obsessed with it.

I wrote to Diamond Candles and asked if I could do a giveaway with them! Josh, the Vice President of Community over at D.C. agreed and sent me their new scent to review: Enchanted Forest. At first I was skeptical, but then I smelled it.

It’s hard to describe exactly what this candle smells like, other than purple deliciousness, but I can assure you that it’s glorious. My husband says it smells like lavender. I would agree, but it also seems to be mixed with something else, magical lavender perhaps?

I’m excited to find out what ring I get. I’ll keep you guys posted on that. In the mean time, enter to win an Enchanted Forest candle below!

Enter Here

Yo! Look at the ring that was inside:

Full Disclosure: I received a Diamond Candle for review in the mail from the Diamond Candle Company. It was awesome.