The first four months of having baby # 2 (Samara) in the house were really difficult. I had to deal with:

With all these things going on, no wonder I’m tired.

But, even though I am really tired, I’ve noticed that having two kids is starting to become more fun. Ari and Samara are beginning to interact, and it’s really cute. The other day, I put Samara in the stroller. It was her first time in it, as I usually carry her in The Moby Wrap or The Ergo Baby Carrier. Ari got a kick out of seeing his little sister in the stroller as opposed to on my chest.

Note: It was really hot that day; that’s why Ari is squinting and Samara has no clothes on!

He had fun pushing Samara in the stroller for a few blocks, until he got tired and said:
“I wanna go in there!” And pointed to the stroller where Samara was sitting, contentedly staring at her feet.

He wants Samara to do everything he does. The other day, I was goofing around, and I put a Dixie Cup on Ari’s head. He demanded that Samara have one on “his” head too. No matter what I tell him, Ari still calls Samara he.

When I ask Ari “what are Ari and Samara doing in this picture?” He says “Being Silly!”

My next goal, with regard to the kids, is to get Ari to sleep in his own bed. He still co-sleeps with me, and I haven’t had any luck getting him to sleep at night in his own room. He will nap by himself, but night time continues to be a challenge with regard to sleeping solo. I asked him if he’d like to share a room with Samara. I thought he would feel less lonely at night if they slept in the same room. I told him that my brother and I shared a room when we were small. Ari’s response:
“Oh, you mean when Samara gets older?” I clarified.
“Yeah…later!” He reiterated.

I am happy to report that things are getting a little easier around here, and slightly more fun.

When did the transition from having one kid to two get easier for you? Oh! That rhymed! Also feel free to comment on the silly pictures.