I was on the subway watching some very talented break dancers do their thing. One of them was doing flips and such. Then I noticed that the one flipping all over the place was touching the disgusting subway floor with his gloved hands. And I began to fear for his life. I thought about all the germs that he was currently interacting with.

When the two fantastic young breaking dancing lads were done with their performance I scrounged up some change and gave it to the gloved handed one. Then I said:

“Will you please wash your gloves when you get home?”

He laughed
“Yeah, I know. I will. I usually buy new ones.”

“Don’t take it personally,” I said “I’m a Jewish mother.”

I can’t help it. I fear for his health. I mean, as my mother always said “When your resistance is down, you can catch a bug!”

I can only hope that he heeded my advice. If I had more time with him on the subway, I would have urged him to take vitamin C and echinacea to prevent further infection.

G-d help me, I’m crazy.