Well folks, the MTA finally provided me with real human response. Check it out:

Response (Doug Sussman) – 01/24/2010 07:21 PM
Dear Ms. Fader:

I’m sorry that you continue to find MTA email responses to be impersonal and “canned”. I do not think the previous response is too generic, and the answer is correct.

But here are some additional specific answers that I trust you will find acceptable.

Given the lack of any recurring source to fund our capital program, it is not at all possible to give you a time frame to make all 468 subway stations accessible for our customers with disabilities. Indeed, I cannot imagine that every station will ever be made fully accessible. We require about $25 billion for the next five years for All basic capital improvements within our 5,000 square mile service area. As of now, no such plan has been approved by the approved by our funding partners.

Elevator maintenance and cleaning is on a regular schedule. If defacing or vandalism of any elevator is experienced, if reported to the elevator/escalator section of our website, it will indeed be inestigated and corrected as soon as possible.

I trust that these responses are more on target and specific. Your comments are duly noted and appreciated.


Douglas R. Sussman
Community Affairs