Yesterday I took a journey to Manhattan from Brooklyn using the MTA New York City Subway.

On this momentous journey I had to ask several strangers to assist me with my stroller down the subway stairs. This is something I am used to doing, see previous post . But each time I ask a random stranger to help me with my heavy stroller load, as it were, I feel more and more resentful.

The reason I need to ask these people to assist me is this: not all subway stations in New York City are handicapped accesible.

I find this to be quite absurd, and often wonder how people in wheelchairs use the subway in New York.

According to the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) of 1990:

“The ADA prohibits dicrimination and ensures equal opportunity and access for people with disabilities.”

The fact that not all subway stations have elevators is a clear violation of the ADA.

In the meantime, I will continue to accept the help of kind New York City Strangers with my stroller. But in reality, they shouldn’t have to help me, the MTA should be responsible for making their stations not only handicapped accesible but “mommy-accesible.”