The door is open for you to be yourself

I opened the door for you. I'm holding it ajar with my body, and ushering you inside with my right hand; it's an invitation for you to be yourself. You don't have to pretend to be someone else, because who you are is beautiful. I won't ask you to change for me. I like you [...]

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I don’t feel creative

I don't feel creative and yet here I am writing this. It's because I want so much to feel creative. I want to feel that spark, the adrenaline, the drive, the want to create and feel something and yet I feel like a broken pencil tip, a dull razor blade, because I don't feel anything [...]

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I have too many questions and no answers; that's what life is about. I remember sitting in elementary school in the fifth grade, quietly raising my hand hoping that I would get called on, because I knew I had the right answer. It was devasting when Mrs. Gumbs called on someone else, because I knew [...]

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When Thoughts Fly

My thoughts fly. 57. Coffee. 2000. Sometimes they crawl into the crevices of my heart, those words, feelings, truths and I want to hide from the rush of adrenaline. If I can't see you, you can't see me. Logic is something that we use when it's convenient. Emotions have capes that allow them to fly [...]

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  I don't like to weigh myself because numbers are depressing. When I was in high school I ranged from weighing 110 lbs to 120 lbs. I was super skinny. People used to ask me if I ate. And I did eat, I was just anxious all the time and eating was a challenge. I [...]

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I talk to you in my dreams. You're here with me. We sit down in two armchairs across from each other. I can hear you. But you have to go. So I'll write you a note on top of these sausages in this takeout box. But ink doesn't work on the sausages. You've already left [...]

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