Not Everybody Likes Coffee Ice Cream and Writers

I recently applied for a writing job, and I didn't get it. I got a lovely email explaining that I wasn't the right fit for the company. Naturally, I spent the next hour of my life havingĀ self-loathing thoughts and banging my proverbial head against the wall. I wondered why they didn't love my writing. I'm [...]

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The Girl on The N Train Who Could Have Been Me

I met a girl on the N train. She had shaggy blue hair. She wore a navy dress with polka dots and clunky black platform boots. She had a septum ring. She was beautiful."Hey, where did you get your boots?" I asked her.I didn't care where she got them. I just wanted an excuse to [...]

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My Mother’s Smell- A Memory

I remember the smell of my mother's coat when she came in from outside in the cold New York City winter. It was mixed with cool air and her distinctive perfume. I loved that smell because it meant that she was home for good. I didn't have to worry. I was safe.Before I smelled that [...]

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The Time is Now

I'm on a ship. The ship is sinking. I have to get everyone off. There are piles of gold everywhere. An enemy ship approaches in the distance. It's fierce, filled with cyclops, werewolves, and three-headed carnivorous monsters. The monsters in question like to dine on human flesh of the 32 year-old female variety. I try [...]

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