I was complaining about inspirational quotes on Twitter and one of my Twitter buddies said something to the effect of “I hate inspirational quotes, I look at EffinBirds instead.” Well, it took me three seconds to look at their account and I was hooked. There are pictures of elegant birds saying “fuck” in various contexts. The birds say shit like “I know what will solve this problem, more fucking meetings.”


Now, if this wasn’t awesome enough in itself, I learned that the creator of this company is Canadian. If you know me at ALL you know that I love Canadians.

Every time I read any of the artwork that Effin’ Birds have created, I laugh so fucking hard. I want them to be insanely famous. I reached out to them and explained that I was their biggest fan and probably scared the shit out of Aaron Reynolds. Somehow he’s still talking to me though.

I asked if I could do a giveaway of their shit on my blog. Aaron (the creator/artist) said yes. So Joe, the customer service guy send me some shit that I liked to show you how awesome it is.

Now, you KNOW you want to win a hoodie and a tee shirt, right?

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