ADHD is real

ADHD is a real mental health issue. I am not lazy, I am not stupid, I am distracted. I sometimes can’t find my keys or have to ask people where other things are because my brain is going round and round in circles. Here are some common misconceptions about adults with ADHD:
We are lazy. We are not lazy we are overwhelmed. There are massive amounts of anxiety associated with ADHD. So your brain cannot focus on one thing for long periods of time and it’s hard to be a person.
We are disorganized. Well, that one might be true. I had limited executive functioning skills but I am working on it and I hired an assistant. We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses. And I know that executive functioning is difficult for me so I decided to take a step and have someone help me. But calling someone disorganized doesn’t actually help them it just makes them feel bad about themselves.
People with ADHD are stupid. This is just ridiculous and there have been multiple studies that show that this is not true actually it is quite the contrary many people with ADHD are very intelligent and we think faster than normal humans. It’s hard to keep up with us and we interrupt people which is not fun but we do it.
People with ADHD you’re rude. I am not rude; I am blunt sometimes which comes across as rude. I think fast and that’s why I interrupt people because I’m afraid I’m gonna forget what I’m thinking and then I won’t be able to tell you. Because I cannot hold a thought in my head for longer than 10 seconds.
Until society understands that the people with ADHD operate differently than the “normal“ people then we will continue to be stigmatized and told that there’s something wrong with us. But this is something that happens to many people with mental health issues. The one thing that needs to be changed is that people need to recognize ADHD as a real mental health disorder.
It’s possible to get help with managing ADHD symptoms whether that’s working with an in-person therapist or someone online. Whatever works for you. There are mental health professionals that can help you with executive functioning skills. There are counselors who specialize in ADHD that have insight into your issues and can assist you with time management and planning.
I find it helpful to work on my executive function issues with my therapist and she helps me schedule my workday so that I don’t go insane. Actually, it’s too late for that because I am pretty crazy but it’s just about managing my type of crazy.
What about you? Do you have ADHD? How has it impacted your life?