Mother’s Day is a holiday rife with pressure to do the “right thing” or get the “right gift. I am taking a cue from my friend Jenny Lawson, who created the idea of Booksgiving. In Booksgiving, people created Amazon Wish Lists that were public and the deal was that people sent strangers a book that was on their wishlist! So here’s the deal people: I’m doing the same thing…but for Mother’s Day.

  1. Create an Amazon wish list and name it “What I want for Mother’s Day” or something like that. Get creative!
  2. Make the list “public”
  3. Make sure to add a “shipping address” to the list.

shipping address

  1. Share it on Twitter and tag me @TheSarahFader
  2. I will RT it and we’re going to try to get you what you want.

Oh hey! Here’s my Amazon List! Get me stuff

Let’s do this! You deserve to be pampered on Mother’s Day with presents you actually want!

The mothers and their wishes are below. Pick a list, and get a mom something! 

Liz/MY MOM –


Eryn –

Lea –

Can Can –

Aria –

Sakinah –