Ripped open


tiny shards of glass infiltrate my chest

and I

can’t stop looking down.


The blood pours poorly

It is slow and it is painful and I

don’t want to hear your voice again

because it reminds me that

I can never be right in your eyes.


What does it mean to you?

You chose to block my words because

you can’t handle the truth and so

I shouldn’t

need not


blame you for your purposeful silence.


I do blame you because you know how he hurts me and

you choose to pretend that

I am crazy.


I am raw and real and a little bit broken but

I am also a human being and

I won’t let you control the way I






Broken is better than blind.

I can see through the tears and they stream down my face and the blood pours poorly slowly to the ground from my chest cavity.

I don’t want you to notice except that

I do

want you to notice and hold me

tightly in your arms like you used to.

Will you do that?

Will you be there like

a warm blanket?

I need you.

I want to be enveloped in your embrace.

I can and will feel whole again.