Since my blog post about my mistreatment by the manager at Dunkin Donuts on Court Street in Brooklyn, I was contacted by the district manager for the company. He was extremely kind. He apologized that the manager had treated me poorly and was horrified by her behavior. He admitted that this franchise was having some problems. I get it, I truly understand. However, I still explained to him that all I wanted was for this woman to apologize to me for the way that she treated me. He agreed that indeed an apology was in order.

Let me make something clear: this is not all about me.

I’m concerned that this manager is treating other customers poorly and possibly shaming them if their debit cards get declined. Poor people shaming is not cool. The district manager agreed to meet me at the Dunkin Donuts this morning. He said that the meal was on them and that the manager would apologize to me. I was game. After I dropped my kids off at school I headed to Dunkin Donuts to receive my verbal apology from the manager.

When I arrived, I asked for the district manager. To my surprise, he was not there.

I called him on his cell phone.

“Oh no! I am so sorry, I forgot I was meeting you this morning. We had an emergency at our Manhattan location.”

I told him I understood. He said he would call the Court Street location and let the manager know that she should come out and apologize to me. I waited and finally the manager came out. He had told her I was wearing a black Brooklyn hoodie so that she could recognize me.

“Hi.” I said politely.

“Yes?” She replied coldly. I stood there waiting for the words “I’m sorry,” to materialize out of her mouth, but they did not come.

“Do you have something to tell me?” I asked her.

“Oh. It’s you.” She said “You’re the one who complained about us. What do you want?” She replied rolling her eyes.

“Are you serious right now?” I asked. “I’m leaving.” I said in front of a line of customers waiting for their coffee.

I stepped outside of the store, furious that this woman could not so much as apologize to me for being rude. Unbelievable. I called the district manager and explained what had happened. He was horrified and said he would have to speak to her yet again. He went ahead and called the Dunkin Donuts on Smith Street and told them that I could have any meal I wanted for free. I went to Smith Street location and they were so lovely and kind. The manager, Ovi, is so awesome.

“What happened at Court Street?” He asked me.

I told him the story.

“Wow.” He said “If she said that to you, who knows how she is treating other customers.”

“Agreed.” I replied “Well, you guys are awesome.” I said.

“Come to us instead!’ Ovi said joyfully.

We laughed.

Anyway, Dunkin Donuts, I don’t understand why this woman cannot apologize to me, but she can’t. And I don’t want her shaming other customers if their card gets declined because that is just mean.


Sarah Fader