Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! I’m feeling fancy today, and I’m celebrating by wearing my favorite necklace.

If you’ve seen me lately, I can be found sporting the same sparkly necklace with multi-colored beads. This necklace made by Touchstone Crystal has become the centerpiece to my wardrobe.

touchstone pic

I often get stopped by strangers on the street, who remark “I love your necklace.” I thank them and tell them that I never want to take it off. That’s why when my four-year-old daughter asked to try it on, I had to redirect her toward another accessory to wear. I let her wear a bracelet from Touchstone, which is also beautiful and purple, which is her second favorite color.

photo 3


photo 2


photo 1


When she’s a little bit older, maybe I’ll let her try on my favorite necklace, if she promises to be careful. For now, she can play dress up with the sparkly bracelet.


When Touchstone Crystal sent me this package of jewelry to review, my friend Courtney was staying with me at the time. We saw that there were two bracelets included in the package, like the one my daughter is modeling above. There was a purple one and a light green one. We decided that they were “adult friendship bracelets.” We each could sport one and be reminded of our friendship.



Remember friendship bracelets made of string or lanyard from when you were a kid? Well, these are the updated grownup version.

I love the variety of jewels that Touchstone Crystal has to offer. Check them out here!