This morning I was posting things on Facebook, as I do each day. As I posted the third link for people to look at all the awesome stuff I’m doing today, I started to feel gross.

“Am I a narcissist?” I thought to myself.

Self-promotion is rampant online. People are consistently posting links to their books, blog posts and projects. It’s great to be proud of what we’re doing with our lives, but I also want to have some space from what I’m doing. I want to shine a bright light onto the work of others.

I have decided to implement #ThankfulThursdays

On Thursday of each week, I encourage you to share the work of your friends online. Is your good friend doing something awesome? Are they changing the world in some way, shape or form? Share it! Share it all over the damn place.

Perhaps your buddy wrote a hilarious blog post that you want the world to read. #ThankfulThursdays is your opportunity to share those words with your community. This day is about promoting the work of others. We love our friends, we honor their work, so let’s show them. Let’s be thankful on a Thursday.

It doesn’t have to be blog post you are sharing. It could be anything where you are giving gratitude to another person. You could (for example) take a moment to┬ápublicly thank someone in your life who matters to you. I want this day to be about others.

I’m going to start. My friend Sarah Comerford is a phenomenal writer. She reaches inside herself, rips her own heart out and writes the truth. I want you to take a moment and look through her blog. I can guarantee you will find something that will make you laugh, cry or think. Read her blog here.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Who are you going to promote?