My friend Allie’s cat, Ella, loves Oreos. Original, Double Stuff, whatever the variety of cookie, this cat is into Oreos. It’s her thing, okay? Don’t judge her. We all have a favorite pastry. Wait, I’m not even sure Oreos are considered a pastry. But I digress.

I came up with a brilliant idea today. I decided that I would buy some Oreos and send them to Ella as a care package.


She’s exhausted because she hasn’t had Oreos in days. This feline is in need of a fix.

I am ready to provide cookies for her. I am going to take a box of Oreos to the post office…I was about to write hospital for some reason, I have no idea why, anyway…I am taking the Oreos to the post office and sending them to this cat. She is hungry…I think.

I just know she’s dreaming¬†about Oreos.

Ella, don’t worry! I am here for you girl. Check the mailbox soon.