You’re a writer.

You’re a writer if your mind feels ignited by an idea and you must find a way to transmit that idea from your brain to paper, notebook, computer.

You’re a writer if there are words in you that are dying to be heard.

These words.

You can’t stop them.

You can’t hide them.

You need to express these words.

That’s a writer.

A writer doesn’t stop thinking.

A writer never stops feeling.

Writers want to be heard.


often writers silence themselves.

Should I say it?

Should I tell that story?

Who will it hurt?

I don’t want my words to hurt the people I love.

Words hurt.

In the process of self-expression we’re releasing emotions. Those emotions are in a protected treasure chest. When the chest is unlocked those emotional gemstones are so bright they hurt the eye to look at them.

Look away, I don’t want to see that. 

I cannot un-see that. 

Once the eye adjusts it can see. It hurt at first, but now I see…those stones are beautiful. They are filled with tiny crystals of feeling that sparkle in the daylight. They are grateful to be released.

So open your treasure chest.

Tell your story.

It may hurt your eyes at first to see it in the light…

but once you free them, they will shine so bright that everyone can see them. There are people who will appreciate the beauty of your words as they come to life.