I am the mother of a six year-old child whose favorite foods I can count on one hand. He will not touch oatmeal, he is not interested in steak, he doesn’t like mustard, and he cannot be bothered to eat a pea. This is my life, people! I live with a picky eater.

When the announcement for Adam Mansbach’s new book You Have to F**king Eat came out, I was elated. Finally, someone is telling the truth about what it’s like to try to feed small children. I cannot explain how many times I’ve wanted to throw a bowl of spaghetti across the room because my child refused to eat it due to the fact that it had sauce on it. You see, he only eats pasta with parmesan cheese.


Here are some eloquent words from Mansbach’s tale of parental truth:

The sunrise is golden and lovely,
the birds chirp and twitter and tweet
You woke me up and asked me for some breakfast,
So why the fuck won’t you eat?

Adam, have you secretly been in my kitchen Sunday mornings? Because my entire life is on this page.

This book speaks my truth. Both of my children have said these words “I’m hungry!” And then I offer them five options of potential things to devour. They promptly refuse all five options, but do not have another suggestion for what they can eat.

One page in this book that truly resonated with me was about the moment you open up your kid’s lunch box at the end of the day:

How was school hun? Whoa, your lunch box is full.
How are you not passed out in the street?
How is it you’re smart? How the hell are you growing
When you basically don’t fucking eat?

Let me tell you something, Adam, this is why I stopped packing my kid lunch and let him eat school lunch. Every single day I would open his lunch box expecting to see it empty. Lo and behold everything was still in there that I packed him that morning.

This book is genius. It is what every parent is thinking when their child refuses dinner. So, you want to win a copy? Enter below!

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