I’ve been looking for a full time job lately, and it’s not easy to find one. In some ways, being out of the job market for so long (taking time to raise my small children) makes me feel like a recent college graduate. I’m stepping into unknown territory. I have to rebuild connections with potential employers and re-learn how to network.

I was lucky to connect with an old friend, David Perez, who introduced me to the “Everyday Connect” campaign by Fairfield Inn & Suites.

The concept behind the Everyday Connect campaign is this: in an especially challenging job market, new grads are going to have develop strong personal connections in order to ignite and maintain momentum in their careers. Fairfield is launching a campaign that will go live on Tumblr. This will be the home for advice, statistics, and opportunities for graduates to hone their networking skills and stay connected to their mentors.

I was particularly impressed with some of the advice from successful  entrepreneurs for 2014 college graduates entering the work force. These videos are less than one minute long and yet they contain useful advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Check out what these savvy business men and women have to say.

The overwhelming theme is this campaign is to build and maintain strong relationships in your field.

I said earlier that I have to re-learn how to network, but that’s not entirely the case. Working in social media for the past five years has been a great opportunity for me to network. While watching these entrepreneurs speak on building relationships, I was reminded of my friend and social media guru, Ted Rubin. Ted developed the concept of Return on Relationship. Simply put, relationships are a form of currency. Invest in them and you will see valuable results.

The words of these entrepreneurs are in line with Return on Relationship. Reach out to people, develop connections with them and watch your relationships flourish and grow.

The Everyday Connect campaign promotes the concept of furthering success through strong relationships between human beings. We are all looking to succeed in this world, so let’s help one another out.

Check out more on  Everyday Connect here.