I have lived with the memory of this childhood trauma for too long. It’s time to speak about what I experienced. I know there are others out there who can testify to having a similar experience. I am not alone. We are never alone.

It seems like it was only yesterday. I was sitting on the carpet of my room, as a seven-year-old with a friend of mine. We knew something terrible was about to happen but we felt powerless to stop it. The clock continued to tick loudly, one second at a time.

All at once, it happened.

We couldn’t stop it.

There was…an explosion.


Shapes and colors everywhere in our faces. My heart jumped out of my chest. My friend and I both screamed in unison as a pentagon attacked my eyeball and a triangle hit her in the nostril. It was awful. Yet, we couldn’t do a thing to stop the madness.

There were half moons, circles and stars. As I watched the stars (in particular) fly through the air toward my mouth threatening to knock my teeth out (I was certain) I shook in terror.

The game called itself “Perfection” but it was clearly not meant for children. This game should have been used in a police interrogation room to get a witness to crack under pressure. This is not a game, it is a torture device.

“Perfection” claims to teach children shapes, however it also manages to brainwash kids to believe that if they put the diamond in the wrong spot in 60 seconds, something terrible will happen to them. The shapes are actually an army getting ready to attack them by exploding like grenades.

Shapes are supposed to be non-threatening boring objects. Yet this game manages to make a circle into a menacing enemy.

Please, I beg of you, do not purchase this game for your children.

I am still working out my trauma from this “game” in therapy. Until then, I can’t look at a pentagon the same way.