There were two knights: a red one and a blue one. They were engaged in a battle. The two enemies locked eyes. Their swords were up. Their metal armor was on from head to toe. Neither one of them was budging. They were each afraid to move. Neither one of the warriors wanted to put their swords down. So they stood there, knees slightly bent staring at one another.

Neither one of them had eaten in hours. The red knight had some stale bread in his free hand. The hand that wasn’t grasping the sword.

The red knight was afraid to move. If he moved even an inch it might cost him his life. But something inside him told him to open his hand. So he listened to that voice. He opened his left hand (all the while keeping his sword firmly in his right hand) and revealed a hunk of old bread.

The blue knight questioned this move. The two were starving. They stared at one another for a moment and then, without speaking, both men slowly put their swords down.

Without a word, the red knight extended his left hand, which held the stale bread. The blue knight trembled as he reached out and grabbed a piece of the bread and put it into his mouth. Slowly a smile crept onto the lips of the red knight as he watched the blue knight accept his peace offering.

The red knight broke off a piece of the bread he shared, and began to eat as well. The two men stared at one another, sharing the same bite of stale bread, not knowing what to do next.