I write because I don’t know how to exist without writing. I was recently told I had to be careful about what I share online. This made me more anxious than I already am. Writing is a form of therapy to me. Sometimes, I’ll get a nagging feeling in my chest. It rises to my throat and tugs on my adam’s apple. I need to say something. Only, I don’t need to say it, I need to write it.

If I say it, only one person will hear it. If I write my nagging thought or feeling, it has the capability to reach an audience. It has the potential to impact change. Maybe someone has thought the same thing I’ve thought. Perhaps this person has been through a similar experience and they can relate.

Writing is storytelling. Human beings share their stories in order to feel connected to one another. Sharing stories helps us to feel like part of a community rather than one distinct individual.

I write to express feelings.

I write to connect with other people.

I write to express my humanity.