The New York Post calls Chirlane McCray a bad motherThe article goes into detail about how McCray felt overwhelmed by parenthood and looked for reasons to get out of the house and do other things besides be a mother. Am I missing something here? To me this sounds like a parent trying to adjust to the new role of motherhood.

Having an infant is hard. No one can be on call 24 hours a day seven days a week. As parents we need to take breaks. What McCray is articulating is universal. We all love our babies, but without taking a break you will lose your mind.

What McCray is saying is: I had a difficult time adjusting to motherhood . That’s what I take from the New York Magazine article. To that I say, you are brave for admitting that. Not every parent will say those words aloud so kudos to you for your candidness Chirlane McCray. 

Making a judgment about the kind of parent McCray is (to me) is offensive as the Mayor de Blasio says. I agree with him. We cannot judge another person’s parenting without knowing them. 

McCray is not a bad mother, she is a real mother.

I was featured on Fox 5 today speaking on McCray’s parenting:

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