Yesterday Ari turned six-years-old. I cannot believe it’s been six years since he was born. I remember it like it was yesterday. My water broke and the medical resident told me I peed on myself. Turns out he was wrong and 36 hours later or so Ari was born at 4:19am on May 6th 2008.

baby ari

Six years later I have a tiny little politician. He argues with me about the color of the sky and what we’re having for dinner. He loves to play chess and covet his My Little Ponies from his sister.

kids at home


I love arguing semantics with guy. He’s a Taurus so he never gives up. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree because he is quite stubborn.

I love you Ari boo! I can’t wait to play many more games of chess with you. I’m excited to take you to the playground and watch you climb across all the monkey bars. And (most of all) I’m psyched to find the very best grilled cheese (with cheddar cheese on whole wheat) in all of Brooklyn with you.

Happy six!

I love you,