I’m afraid. I’m often afraid. I live with an anxiety disorder. Sometimes my fears are not based in reality. Sometimes the neurotransmitters in my brain repeatedly fire without my consent or control.

However, there are some occasions when my fear is warranted. There are real life events that occur that cause me to be be fearful and justifiably so. I fight fear. I put on my armor and I make a mean face. I tell myself that though internally I’m scared, I can beat this.

I am not going to let someone or something (however real and threatening it is) take me down. I am stronger than that someone or something. And the fact that I’m afraid makes me strong. I am aware of my fear (which is real) and I channel it through my body to become pure energy. Now I’m not afraid anymore. I’m electrified with energy and I’m ready to fight.

My friend Cheryl told me that I am brave. I’m brave in spite of being scared. I close my eyes and I jump into the water. I don’t know how deep it is. I don’t even know what color it is. But I’m going in. I’m going to find out.

To be brave you have to be afraid first. Bravery is nothing without fear. You live with the fear and you combat it. You put your suit of armor on and you fight like your life is on the line. Because it is.