Thomas Cantley is one of my favorite Canadians. You all know I love Canadians. He’s also an amazing person and a testicular cancer survivor. He’s an artist, which also makes me love him even more. I’ve asked him to marry me 50 times and he laughs every single time.

After he survived cancer, Thomas felt he was reborn and it was his mission to help others. He created a movement called I Am Ballsy. Thomas encourages survivors of cancer and other brave souls to share their stories on his Facebook page to encourage others who are struggling in life.





I’ve shared my story about living with mental illness on Ballsy. You can read it here. 

Thomas is featuring a new ballsy person on his Facebook page each day for 365 days. We’re over day 100 now and still going strong. You can share your story about being brave or (as Thomas says) “ballsy.” Whether you’ve struggled with cancer, mental illness, substance abuse, domestic violence, or any other life challenge that you’re open to sharing, send it over to Thomas to feature on the Ballsy page.

Write a 500 word piece on how ballsy you are and email it to along with a photo like this one:


I  can’t wait to read your brave stories. Let’s show the world that we’re all survivors.