I’ve spent my entire life telling myself I was a bad person. My inner dialogue has been primarily self-critical. The negative voice in my head was over-powering.

“You can’t do this. You’re not good at that.”
“Give up.”
“You’re a bad person.”
“Nobody loves you.”

It hurt me to listen to that voice. I can be quite loud. Sometimes I feel like it’s shouting at me.

My father suggested that I should give the voice a name and tell it that it’s not welcome. I feel like giving it a name gives it more power.

I realized that I can never get rid of the overwhelming negative thoughts in my head, however I can redirect them. I can tell them to pack their bags and get on an airplane. I can tell them that there’s a flight leaving for the North Pole and they’d better hurry because the plane is boarding.

That being said, something magical has happened to me. I woke up and that negative voice was gone.

Today, I believe in myself.

Today, I believe that I can.

Today, I’m aware of my talents.

Today, I know who I am and I like myself.

Today, big things are possible.

I used to believe that people that were confident had big egos. I realize now that it’s possible to love yourself without appearing egotistical.

The same way that I’ve believed in other people for my entire life, I now believe in me, because I’m pretty awesome.