Dear Simon,

I remember the day Brian and I found you at BARC shelter in Brooklyn. You had no tail and you were wrestling with a white cat named Cody. Joanna, who worked there, said you were a special boy. She was right. For the past 11 years you have been there for me through everything in my life. You were there through heartbreaks, good times and awful times. You snuggled with me when I was sad and slept next to my chest when I was sick.

You were a wise professor.

I loved how you were great with other animals. You loved dogs, bunnies, and other cats too!

You loved to eat any and all food, but you especially loved oatmeal and apples. You would eat anything though, including  licking the cap of my dad’s Diet Coke.
I’m so glad you got to see my children and be in their lives, but let’s face it: you were my first child.
Ari and I made a book with our memories of you in it. It was Ari’s idea.

Hopefully, I be able to stop crying soon. I really miss you. 
I will never forget you. 
I love you, Simon. 
I know you’re up there in heaven stealing some old man’s scrambled eggs and purring about it.