Thanks to the lovely Holly at Culture Mom Media,  my soul sister Donna and I went to see Soul Doctor on Broadway 

Soul Doctor is based on the true story of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

It’s a musical journey that begins in Vienna. We follow Shlomo from the time he’s a small child in Europe all the way to the United States where he transforms from a Rabbi into a rock star.

Along the way, Shlomo meets countless women who change the course of his life. One of them is the one and only jazz singer Nina Simone. Simone and Shlomo form a musical bond from the moment they meet. Their connection transcends the lines of religion as Shlomo visits Simone’s church and performs his music to her congregation.

As Shlomo finds his way in the world his family doesn’t quite understand his path. It takes Shlomo’s father dying for his mother to realize who Shlomo is inside.

Soul Doctor is about identity. It’s about finding out who you are through music. As I watched Shlomo struggle with his inner self, I felt deeply connected to him. I know what it’s like to question your life’s path. That is the essence of this musical.

In the end, Shlomo finds himself in Israel and the audience feels a sense of relief.

I couldn’t help clapping and smiling all through this show. The music is infectious and it makes you want to dance! Ultimately Donna and I left the theater with smiles on our faces and a good feeling in our hearts.

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