This is a guest post. Here are some suggestions of ways that you can make some extra money in the fall. 

If you’re a parent, you’ve likely had the added responsibility to entertain them during the summer holidays and while many of us have had work commitments get in the way, school holidays still mean having to fork out extra on childcare, clubs and play schemes that can cost a small fortune.

You may find, as your brood head back to school, that your rainy day slush fund is completely dilapidated and if you want to enjoy the coming months and Christmas, you will need to try and recoup a little cash.

Whether you’re looking at an October half term UK break at The Wave Hotel, Bognor Regis or you’re hoping to secure a last minute deal in the sun, making a little extra money will help you to achieve your dreams. Of course, you could always try your luck at the current Cushelle competition that has a family holiday up for grabs – you never know!

Don’t resort to more debt if you can help it – it’s surprising where you can make money if you really think about it.

De-clutter with eBay 
eBay is a marvelous online tool, especially if you have a lot of clutter. You never know what your junk is worth. From old toys and clothes to more valuable pieces like pottery and jewelry, you can sell whatever you like. Just be a little careful with listing brick-a-brack and things of poor quality – you may end up paying more in listing fees. That’s what these are for, anyway…

Car Boot Sales 
A popular jaunt for people of all ages, the humble car boot sale can help to sell your junk and make a pretty penny from it. Once you have made your pitch fee back, the rest is profit and as long as you don’t wander the stalls and spend it on more stuff, you will be able to pop it into your slush fund as soon as you get home.

Go freelance 
This may not be possible for people who haven’t got the experience, but if you have done any freelance work in the past, now might be the time to pick up the reins again. There are plenty of websites that advertise jobs that could be perfect for you, from writing and proofreading to data entry and graphic design. Use your skills to make you some extra cash!

Get crafty! 
If you have a talent, why not profit from it? From handmade wedding stationery to customizing shoes and clothing, find your niche and use it!
Give yourself a little more to play with this autumn with these handy ideas!