I’ve been blogging since 2009, and I have a confession to make. I’m disorganized. Yes, I write frequently. Yes, I read other blogs. Yes, I post on Facebook and Twitter.

But I also do these things:

  • Forget to read blogs that I love
  • Forget to comment on those loved blogs
Enter Bloganizer!
Liza created Bloganizer in order to help Bloggers organize their blogging life. 

Trey is Bloganizer’s V.P. of Connections.

I met Liza at BlogHer13′ in Chicago and we instantly hit it off. She’s a Sagittarius! 
We literally spent an hour in the hotel lobby of the Sheraton talking about our theater backgrounds, blogging, our mutual appreciation for curse words, and our crazy children.
When I got home to New York I decided to do something that people (especially those in social media) don’t often do. I picked up the phone and called Liza. In this day and age where people mostly communicate through computers, I decided to kick it old school and speak to her on the phone like the humans that we are. 
Liza showed me about Bloganizer and how it works through a Google + Hangout. Let me tell you something, do not underestimate the power of Googe +. I was super impressed. She could see my computer screen and guide me on exactly how to use Bloganizer. It was awesome!
These are some things that Bloganizer is good for:
1. Keeping up with your favorite blogs:

When you sign up for Bloganizer (which is free) you can create a list of the blogs you love and read them all in one place!
2. Listing your giveaways

If you do product giveaways, Bloganizer is an excellent place to list them! As far as I know, there isn’t a central location online to list blog giveaways. There are groups on Facebook but nothing like this:
Look! Here’s my giveaway for Honest Kids Juice Boxes! Awesome!
3. Stay organized and on top of your social media tasks.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed as a Blogger. However, Bloganizer is designed to quell that feeling.
If you blog, I encourage you to try it out!
Guess what? Liza didn’t ask me to post this. I just love Bloganizer! So check it out yo!