Yesterday, I came out of acupuncture. I made my way to my car. It was 8pm. I pulled out of the parking spot I was in. It was 100 degrees outside and I was tired, very tired. I’d spent the day teaching 11 two year-olds.

President street was dimly lit. I turned away for a split second, and I felt it. Metal collided with metal. My body jolted. The car flew up in the air and came crashing down with a thump. My heart left my body.
When I came to, I was in the car, stuck. I was attached to the wheel of a black vehicle. Behind me was a van. The impact from the crash had pushed the van from the street onto the sidewalk. 
It was surreal.
I was unreal.
A woman came running out of her building:
“You could have died!” She shouted. 
A man came and asked if I was all right.
“I think so. I’m just shaken.” He gave me a hug. 
It was just me. My kids were at home. Thank G-d they were not there. Thank everything, they were safe.
Two elderly women came out of their building.
“You could have died!” Repeated the woman on the street. “You could have died.”
“Can you please stop saying that?” I asked her “I have two children. I’m going to cry.”
“That’s not what she means.” Says one of the elderly women. “Come here.” She embraces me. “Do you want some soda?”
I am crying.
“Sure.” I say. She goes inside and emerges with a cup of cola with ice. 
The man comforts me. He says the street is poorly lit. It’s not my fault. He stays with me until Wil gets there. The police arrive shortly. They take a report. 
I am alive. I am so thankful I am alive. 
I’m lucky it was just me in the car. And I’m lucky to be alive.