Today was my trial day teaching two-year olds. I was nervous about getting to the school on time, so I pretended that I had to be there 30 minutes earlier than I was really supposed to get there.

Wow. Today was intense. Two year-olds are snuggly but they are also high energy and extremely physical. They also cry a lot.

It’s interesting, because I also have a two and 1/2 year-old daughter at home. I realized a lot about Samara after spending a day with 12 two year-olds. I appreciated her more.

At two and 1/2 Samara is learning language at a rapid pace.

The kids I spent today with were still pre-verbal for the most part, but the words they did know they were excited to share!

What I love the most about two year-olds is how emotionally raw they are. If they’re sad, they cry. If they’re angry, they scream, if they’re happy they laugh. And they display all those emotions intensely.

I can’t wait to learn more from this group.