I was first introduced Mancala when I was nine years-old and in the 4th grade at P.S.87 on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

In Lucy Mahon’s class (my fourth grade teacher) we called it “the rock game.” It was a wooden board with several slots and colored rocks of all shapes and sizes.

The other day I was in a local toy store looking for a birthday present for a five year-old. The salesperson said, out of the blue, “what about Mancala?”

All of a sudden memories of playing “the rock game” came flooding back, and I knew I had to purchase this game, not for a birthday gift, but rather to play at home with my kids.

I want you to love Mancala AKA “the rock game” as much as I do. So I wrote to Jordan at University Games, and they agreed to do a Mancala giveaway!

But there’s more! University Games (makers of this version of Mancala) is hosting the National Young Game Inventor’s Contest!

Children ages 5-12 can design and create their board game and enter for a chance to win awesome prizes including a 10,000 dollar educational bond, a trip to San Francisco, and a 
Toys R Us gift card! How cool is that? 

You get extra entries to win Mancala by sharing about this contest.

So, what are you waiting for?

Do it!

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