I was dreading putting away the laundry. Ari, Samara and I were downstairs at my parent’s place. My mom turned to me in the middle of my laundry existential crisis and said “I have this bunch of socks that I can’t find any matches for. Can you see if any oft socks are in your laundry?” With that she handed me a group of colorful socks. Some had stripes, others were sparkly. Without thinking, I said to Ari:
“Come on Ari, let’s go upstairs and take a nap, and when you wake up, we’ll play
a matching game with socks!” His face lit up. He was excited now.

My mom and dad howled with laughter.

Ari took a nap immediately upon entering our apartment. When he woke up he’d forgotten all about the sock matching game that I’d planned.

“I want to watch something!” He whined.
“No! It’s time to play the matching game with socks! Can you find any of grandma’s socks in here?”
I started pulling out things that weren’t socks; towels, his pants, sweatshirts.
“Are these socks?”
“No!” He said laughing.
“Go put these away and when you come back there will be some socks to match.”
I gave Ari some of his pants to put in his
drawer. When he returned I’d pulled out a bunch of socks for him to match.
“Okay! Is there a match here?”
“Yes!” He said triumphantly pulling out two purple and blue striped socks.
We took turns finding matches. And in between, I sent him to put away his other clothes. It was a fun game for me too. And it made laundry feel less boring.

Needless to say, we didn’t find any of grandma’s sparkly socks. But we did have a lot of fun!