The other day I got a message from my friend Debbie on Facebook.

Debbie was upset when she called me. She had been the victim of something that most of us in the 21st century have found ourselves involved in, a Facebook argument.
You might not even know that you’re entering into one; you may just be innocently expressing your opinion on a post. But all of a sudden…someone is viciously attacking you because you like the color green and listen to Jazz music. Why is this person so angry? I don’t know, and neither do you. But they have chosen to let you know (via the internet) that you are totally wrong and even go so far as to attack your character. All of this is done virtually yet they somehow have managed to get your blood to boil. It’s pretty remarkable actually.
Unfortunately, Debbie got caught in the crossfire of one of these atrocities. I’m sorry Debbie, I have been there, and it is an awful place to be.
Debbie and I chose to mock the situation. We created the ultimate Facbook argument.
My friend Jess suggested that I document this masterpiece on my blog. I think she is a genius. 
 Here it is for your viewing pleasure:
It’s time to ask yourselves, my friends, what are you so angry about? What are you trying to gain from calling someone out over the internet? Did you have a bad day at work? Are you upset because you’re constipated? Not getting laid much? Overworked? Tired? Erectile disfunction?
Whatever the case may be, learn to deal with your issues, and please stop taking them out on innocent people over the internet. 
If you or someone you love has been a victim of a Facebook argument, please comment below.