*The names of some individuals in this store have been changed to protect their identities.

I used to have an IPhone, until today.

Samara woke up in a cranky stupor this morning. I quickly gave her a bottle of organic whole milk, hoping that would lift her mood, but she refused it. She sat on my bed, picked up my IPhone and threw it hastily onto the floor while screaming.

I picked up my phone, thinking nothing of it, and found that the screen had shattered into tiny pieces. It looked like a spider web.

My jaw dropped. I didn’t know what to do or say. So I called Wil.
“They’re not gonna replace your phone you know.”
“They have to!” I exclaimed. “I’m going to the Verizon store and I’m going to beg them to give me another phone.”
“We’ll see,” said my unconvinced husband.
“I’m not leaving the store without a new phone.” I said firmly.
“Let me know what happens.” He said with a sigh.

I loaded the kids into the double stroller while talking to my friend Cordy on the phone about gay marriage and how we’re both passionate about equal rights.
The kids and I headed to the Verizon store.
Unfortunately, the Verizon store was not yet open, so we went to Target and I spent some money I didn’t really have on cute skirts.
After Target we went back to Verizon, which was just opening up. There were several people standing in line waiting for the gates to open. I was talking with one guy about the Verizon customer service phone number.
“I hate calling Verizon customer service,” he said rolling his eyes. “It takes like 10 minutes to get a human on the phone, and then you have to sit there waiting for them to ask you all these useless questions.”
“I know!” I agreed “I guess someone created that website getahuman dot com, or whatever, for a reason.”
We laughed.
“That’s why I’d just rather go to the store.” He said nodding.
The pearly Verizon gates opened and I maneuvered the double stroller into the store. I marched right up to the counter and spoke with “Fred.” I won’t give you his real name, I’m calling him Fred to protect his anonymity.
“Hi Fred.” I said with a sigh. “My daughter threw my phone on the ground and the screen shattered. Is there anything I can do?” I asked trying to look pathetic.
“Well, your next upgrade isn’t until July…” he said looking at the computer “But, the good news is, you do have insurance. So your best bet is to call the insurance company and get a replacement phone.” With that he handed me a business card with the insurance company’s number.
“Thanks so much, but the thing is, I can’t afford to pay the $169 deductible for the new phone. Is there anything you can do for me.”
“I mean, there are mom and pop shops that fix the screens, but once you go that route, your warranty is no good anymore.”
“Oh,” I looked down, trying to conjure up the tears to fake cry, come on! Where was my theatrical training when I needed it?! Nothing was coming though.
“Look, your best bet is to go through insurance, this is a 600 dollar phone.” He said looking me in the eye. “You don’t know how many people come in here every day with the same problem, crying, begging for us to fix their phones.”
“No no, I totally understand.” I said.
“Miss! Your daughter!” Shouted another Verizon employee. I turned around and Samara was running up to the escalator and attempting to step onto the first step. I quickly ran out of the store, grabbed her, and shoved her kicking and screaming into the stroller.
“Can we go now?” Ari asked as whiny a voice as possible.
“No!” I shouted.
“Listen, is there anything you can do for me? I know this is not your problem, I totally understand, but you can see I have my hands full. Anything you can do would be so appreciated.” I begged.
“Yeah,” Fred said writing something down “The insurance is the way to go.” He handed me a business card with something written on it.
I looked down and it said:
“Call Tristan, he may be able to help.” And then it listed Tristan’s digits.
“Thanks so much Fred!” I said with a wink. And with that, we left the Verizon store.
I immediately dialed up Tristan’s number, it went straight to voicemail.
“Hi Tristan, my name is Sarah, and I have a cracked IPhone screen, Fred from Verizon recommended I call you, please call me back. Thanks.”
To be continued.