I was tired. It’s not an excuse, but it happened. Ari was in the living room watching The Smurfs, his new obsession. I had been transcribing and taking care of Samara all day while he was at school. I told myself Self, you’re tired. Wil is not going to home until midnight. Just rest your eyes for a few minutes. 

Well a few minutes totally turned into 30 minutes.

Ari came barreling into the bedroom and woke me up saying:
“Mommy! I made a mess!”

Of course the one time in my parenting life that I fall asleep on the job this happens to me.

I walk into the living room to find that he has taken the Ajax from the bathroom and sprinkled it all over the floor like freshly fallen snow. He has also decorated a shoebox with shampoo, conditioner, Bacitracin and lotion. Also in the shoebox are all of his toy smurfs.

I was speechless. I was also groggy from my impromptu nap. It was especially upsetting, because that very day a lovely cleaning lady had deep cleaned my house.

“You’re going to help me clean all of this up and you’re not watching TV tomorrow.”
“Okay.” He said
“What were you trying to do anyway?”
“I was trying to make ingredients!” He exclaimed.

Ari diligently assisted me in cleaning up the “ingredients.”

But this brings to light a potential hobby that he might have. Perhaps Ari needs to take a cooking class.
Does anybody know of any cooking classes in NYC for kids that you would recommend?