I used to be spontaneous…

 and then I had kids!
Before I had kids, I owned a 2003 Ford Focus in midnight blue. I’d wake up one morning, and feel like going to the beach. I wouldn’t think twice about it, off I’d drive to Long Beach!
Now, I wake up in the morning and I feel like going to the beach. I ask Ari if he wants to go to the beach.
“Yes!” He says enthusiastically.
But then he refuses to put his pants on.
As much as I love to be spontaneous, these days I tend to do it with pants on. 
With kids, things require planning. Here’s what I think of planning:

Actually, to be fair, this face is much more fun than planning is. What I really think of planning, is that it’s boring and the opposite of me. I miss living my “fly by the seat of my pants” lifestyle. I hate having to think about all the shit I have to bring with me just to leave the damn house.

I just want to grab my bag and go. I don’t want to think about diapers, wipes, water, food, toys. Okay my brain hurts.

But I wonder, is there a way to maintain spontaneous while having kids?