Let me start out by saying that The Universal Pre-K process in New York City is totally insane. You apply online through the lovely Department of Education. You’re allowed to select 12 choices for Pre-K and you aren’t guaranteed a spot. Consequently I spent the months of April, May and part of June terrified that Ari wouldn’t be going to school at all next year.
Thankfully, I got an email a week ago from the D.O.E. notifying me that my 4-year-old did indeed have a free place to go play legos next year.
But then it occurred to me that he still doesn’t wipe his our butt when he goes to the bathroom, and I began to get nervous.

I started thinking about next year even more, which is a really bad idea for me to do (the thinking part I mean) and I realized that my house is a disaster. I’m going to have to have play dates here next year. I have to find a way to clean it up.
As of now, there is no set schedule around here with regard to daily activities and I’m kind of freaking out.
But then I thought about it…

And I realized that there are other parents out there with dirty houses that have kids in school and babies at home! They have to find a way to clean, take care of the babies, and have their kids ready for school every day, just like me!
So, how do you do it?

Do you clean the house while your son or daughter is off playing with magna tiles and eating tater tots? How does it go down? Do you have a schedule? I have no schedule. I don’t even know what a schedule is. Well, I guess I know in theory, and I did make one once upon a time for Ari.

Tell me how it works!