Yesterday I had the opportunity through Playtime! to see Old Jews Telling Jokes.* Playtime! is a fantastic program that allows parents (of children ages 4-12) to go to the theater while their children are engaged in an artistic projects led by artist sitters!
When I first heard the title of the show, I knew exactly who to take with me to see it, my dad.

For those of you that know Jeff Fader, you’re aware that he is always telling a corny joke, and he’s Jewish. I just knew that this was the show for him!

I was positive that my dad would like Old Jews, because that’s his style of humor. But I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it.

After seeing it, I can report that “Old Jews Telling Jokes” was hilarious. There are all kinds of jokes in the show, religious jokes, birth jokes, sex jokes and old age jokes.
You might be wondering how actors telling jokes could hold your attention for an hour and a half. The jokes are told in various ways, some are told like stories and some jokes are acted out in little vignettes complete with scenery and props. This I can promise you, you won’t be bored. The show is fast paced, and your attention is always held.
Here’s what the joke connoisseur, Jeff Fader (and a surprise guest) had to say about the show:
Jewish, gentile, whatever you are, if you love to laugh this is the show for you!
For more information on Old Jews Telling Jokes click here.
*Full disclosure, tickets to the show were provided to me courtesy of the amazing ladies over at MamaDrama.
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