The right side of my neck and my right arm were hurting for days. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me?! I considered consulting WebMD, but then I realized that I didn’t need the internet to diagnose me, I could do the job myself.
The diagnosis:
Mom Arm

The symptoms: One of your arms (depending on whether you’re a righty or a lefty) hurts like a bitch from lifting children every single day of your life.

Those who are predisposed to Mom Arm: Moms.
Is it contagious? No, but you might rob the people around you of their sanity by complaining about it.
The cure: Stop carrying your kids. Tell them to walk, even if they’re babies. Wait…that’s not going to work. I guess the cure is rest. Oh, but you can’t do that either.
So the real answer is, Mom Arm is a chronic condition for which THERE IS NO CURE!
Do you have this condition or do you have another chronic condition that you coined yourself?