On Monday, things are going to get hectic around the Fader-Van Luyn house. Starting April 2nd 2012, one day before his 28th birthday, Wil goes back to school to get his dispatch license. When he tried to describe his work and school schedule to me, I got incredibly overwhelmed and confused by it, so I asked him to make a calendar and put it on the fridge.
When I woke up this morning, I went to open the fridge to get eggs and half and half for my coffee, and I found this:

By the way, I love that magnet. I’ve had it since 2004, before I knew Wil, and when my kids learn to read I’m in trouble.

I feel a little better about the upcoming changes knowing there is an order to things. The tangible schedule makes it feel more concrete and less abstract and scary.
Abstract = scary to me.
I’m excited about Wil earning his dispatcher license, but it’s going to be a really crazy three months. I will hardly ever see him; he’ll either be at work, at school, or at the library studying for school. The upside is that when the three months are up, he’ll be qualified to take on positions that could further his career, which is awesome.
I’m nervous about being with the kids 24/7 and getting no break. But I know that this is an important life step for him, so I guess it’s worth the temporary madness that may ensue.
I’m forewarning everyone, if I seem less than sane now you now know why.
Wish us all luck, it’s going to be a crazy three months!

Any words of encouragement or advice would be welcome! Also if you want to come clean my house or do my dishes that would be more than welcome. No I’m serious.