I first “met” Ros Guererro, founder of Ficklets, on Twitter. I was intrigued by her Twitter handle: “Ficklets.” It was such a whimsical word, I wanted to know what it meant. Then, I checked out her site, and loved the concept. Ficklets are little charms that your child can use to decorate their glasses! Here’s an example:

I was so excited about Ficklets, that I did an interview with Ros. You can see that here.
Now I want to ask you something? Do your kids fight wearing their glasses? Perhaps they’d like to add a little decoration to their spectacles.
Now’s your chance to win some Ficklets!
Here’s what you win:
  • Three Ficklets
  • Extra bands
  • Lens cleaner
Here’s how to enter (each of these counts as an entry) :
  • Follow Ficklets on Twitter
  • Follow Ficklets on Facebook
  • Follow OS/NS Mom on Google Friend Connect
  • Follow OS/Mom on Facebook
The winner of the Ficklets Giveaway will be selected randomly and announced here on Wednesday December 14th, 2011.
Good luck spectacle wearers!