Yesterday, Ari, Samara and I hung out with my friend Andrea.
She was visiting from London, because we’re grownups now and we can live in places like London. Andrea and I have been friends since we were 15 years old. We are now 32, and 31 years-old respectively. She actually just turned 31 on November 24th. It seems like only yesterday we were 15.
We do not want to be in our thirties, but we are.

I have vivid memories of Andrea and I dancing to Madonna’s Immaculate Collection in my room. Here’s my old room in case your interested.
I drew/painted that mural myself. Andrea is now an Art Director, by the way. She’s always been an amazingly talented artist. Here is some of her earlier work:
All artwork © 1995 Andrea Acevedo. Stealing is bad for your soul.

Andrea and I used to use bus passes to travel around the city.
I remember her dad, Julio, teaching us how to drive on the cobblestone roads of Vermont when we were 14.
It’s crazy to me that I’m 32 years old. In my mind, some parts of me still feel 15, or 19, sometimes 25, but never 32. I feel like in the blink of an eye I went from being a child to an adult. Sometimes the process seemed elongated, but thinking back on my life, I can’t believe I’m a bonafide adult.
So Andrea, here’s to bus passes, Ray Bari Pizza, hanging out at playgrounds when we were the oldest people there, and being 15 again. I love you girl!
Do you feel your age? Tell me about it!