Ari often watches Wil and I do household chores. I feel like I am constantly in the kitchen doing the dishes with two little eyes spying on me.

Today, when Wil was finishing up doing the dishes after dinner, Ari said:
“I wanna help you Daddy.”
“I’m all done with the dishes bud.” Wil told him as he put the last plate on the drying rack.

But then, as he often does, Ari requested to eat something other than what we were having for dinner, a peanut butter and honey sandwich. So there was another dish to do. I knew he was up for the job!

“Ari, do you want to learn how to wash dishes?” I asked
“Yes!” He replied enthusiastically.

And so he washed his first dish ever in life, at three-years-old.

I’m going to remember this day when he’s a teenager and refuses to go near a sink full of dirty dishes.