As I mentioned before, Ari is no longer asking for rewards after using the potty. However, that means that he is less interested in stopping his busy life to use the potty. So I came up with another form of bribery: storytelling.

“Ari, if you go to the potty, I’ll tell you a story.” I offered, as he was busy lining up his cars, taxis and buses.
“Okay!” He exclaimed. He dropped everything and ran to the bathroom. I made up a story about a little boy who was desperately searching for a toilet on the playground. I think our toilet liked the story as much as Ari did.

Low and behold, during my story, Ari pooped! It was a shining moment for me.

I wonder if the Native Americans told their children stories while they were relieving themselves in the woods.

Tell me, what are your tricks for getting your kid to use the toilet?