I am happy to report that both kids are asleep at this very moment.

It is most miraculous that Ari ended up in the above state. I tried something new today. My best friend Mint (an early childhood educator) suggested I implement a “Quiet Time.” They do this in pre-schools and kindergarten. You tell the kids that they don’t have to sleep but they do have to relax for a period of time on a mat.

After lunch, I told Ari that we were going to try something new today. He was going to have “Quiet Time.”
“Quiet time?” He asked eyebrows raised.
“You’re going to lay in your bed, and look at your books. You don’t have to sleep, but you have to stay in your room with the lights out. Okay?”
“Okay.” He said with a sigh.

We got to his room. I handed him his books.
“You gotta sleep with me.” He said with a little pout on his face.
I could hear Samara crying in the other room with Wil. I knew she was hungry and I couldn’t stay long.
“I have to feed Samara soon.” I told him.
“You gotta read these books.” He said.
“Okay,” I said. “I’ll read these books. But after I’m done you have to look at them yourself. Okay?”
“Okay.” He said satisfied with the compromise.
So I read him three short books, one about penguins (a gift from Ms. Katie Grinch), one about dinosaurs and the other was of the irritating Max and Ruby variety. After we finished the last book, I said:
“I have to feed Samara now. Look at your books by yourself, okay?”
“You gotta sleep with me.” He said dejectedly.
“After I feed Samara, I’ll be back to check on you,” I said with a wink.
He smiled and began to look at his books.
I closed the door, nursed Samara, and in ten minutes I checked on him. He was fast asleep.
Quiet Time rules!