I love nursing, in fact, I’m nursing as I write this, but one thing that frustrates me is my daughter’s total disregard for my right boob. She has made it known that this is her least favorite of the pair, and she gives me hell when I’m trying to get her to latch on to it.

She loves the left boob. The minute she comes out it’s as if she’s saying:
“Hello old friend and source of food!”

The right boob is like an albatross. It comes out and she shuns it. I don’t know what it ever did to her, but she hates it.

I don’t understand it, it offers the same thing on tap, it’s never done anything malicious to her, in fact it’s only been there to help, but she might as well put a dunce cap on it and laugh at it.

I feel badly for my right boob, I really do. Maybe it’s misshapen in some unpleasant way and that’s why she ignores it. I may have to schedule a mediation session between baby and right boob. This can’t go on any longer.

Hey nursing moms out there! Did/Does your child have a boob preference?