Hanukkah is over, Christmas has past, and 2011 is fast approaching. I’m preoccupied with another matter, the impending arrival of my 2nd child. I’m so tired of being pregnant. Here the things associated with pregnancy that are irritating me the most at the moment:

  • The conspicuous egg-like attachment to the front of my body- yes, there’s a person in there, and I know, I know “pregnancy is beautiful,” but you know what? I’m over it! I want her out of my body and in the world. NOW!
  • My raging hormones and (consequently) pronounced and seemingly uncontrollable mood swings.
  • Hemorrhoids, one of them is so big that I think it could run for public office. I’ve asked it, aloud, to leave but it insists in belongs on me.
  • I’m exhausted and in constant pain in my back and legs all the time.
  • It takes me 80,000 times longer to get anywhere, because I have to waddle there as opposed to walking, driving or using public transportation.

I’m ready to take some castor oil and get this party started and I’m only 35 weeks.

For those of you that have been pregnant before, do you remember feeling this way?